No Smart Meter

Oregonian's: If You Don't Want
5G - Smart Meters - Forced Vaccines

Smart Meters are suspect in Fires
SGT Report Ties it together

We Owe much thanks to
Oregonians For Medical Freedom

We Won against HB3063 For Now!
They will bring it back, so stay vigilant!
Adult Forced Vaccinations are next!

Autism - ADHD - Turrets - Angry Neurologically Damaged School Children
Adjuvants in Vaccines! SIDS
Aluminum, Mercury and other heavy metals make you more EMF Sensitive
Detoxing safely from heavy metals has helped many

Great Article on Smart Meter/Grid Failure
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Protest Sign

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This is About The Right To Choose!

Fight to Protect Your Health, Privacy & Safety

All Opt Out and Meter Reader Fees are Fraudulent!

Extortion - Punitive - Unconstitutional ! !

Click to read Randal Barrett's
Smart Meter Op Ed

Click for Laws Broken by
The Oregon Public Utilities Commission

Got a Smart Meter installed?
Getting Headaches? Ear Ringing?
Have You or your Pets been Harmed?

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Let's Stand Together in the 10's of Thousands
& Sue the OPUC & Pacific Power!

Opt Out Today!
Pacific Power: 1-866-869-8520

Post "I Opted Out Sign" near meter or They Will Change It!

(look on right - Downloadable Documents)

People Must See The Winnable Legal Issue!

The Winnable Legal Issue Is Not RF Microwaves!
The Winnable Issue is: Our Right to Choose!
The Right to Refuse Computerized Meters on Our Homes!

This is a Violation of our 4th Amendment Rights!

Only a US Supreme Court Ruling Will Save Us!

How do we get there?

Every County in Oregon do Ordinances!
Every County In Oregon File Class Action Law Suit!

Take the Corrupt Oregon PUC Down!

Stand Together & Make Our Voices Heard!

Motivate your Counties and Cities to take action!
Our goal is the US Supreme Court!

Call the Oregon DOJ to get them to investigate the OPUC

Protest Sign

Smart Meters
Fires & Explosions
Bills Skyrocketing
Health Harm