No Smart Meter

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Josephine County Oregon Passed
The Smart Meter Ordinance!!!

The OPUC is Responding!

Protest Sign

What Can You Do?
Make Our Voices Heard!
Stand Together as One Community!

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A Nationwide Movement of Non-Political
Peaceful Protests & Community Actions
Starting with Medford Oregon
Then City After City Across Our Nation

Stand with your Counties and Cities doing Ordinances!
Take this Legal Battle to the US Supreme Court!
Defend our Constitutional Rights!
Stop computerized intrusion into our homes!

Opt Out Today!
Pacific Power: 1-866-869-8520
Post "I Opted Out Sign" near meter or They Will Change It!

(look on right for printable notice)

Special Announcement!
Josephine County has passed an Ordinance to Eliminate Opt Out Fees!
Educating & Standing up Does Make a Difference!
Standing up for Our Constititional Rights!
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This is About The Freedom To Choose!

Fight to Protect Your Health, Privacy & Safety
All the Opt Out and Meter Reader Fees are Illegal!
Extortion - Punitive - Unconstitutional ! !

Click Here: Why They are Forcing Smart Meters!

Got a Smart Meter installed?
Getting Headaches? Ear Ringing?
Have You or your Pets been Harmed?

Click Here For Symptoms

Let's Stand Together in the 10's of Thousands
& Refuse to Pay the Extortion Fees!
Lets Stand Together in the 10's of Thousands
& and dare them to cut our power!
Let's Stand Together in the 10's of Thousands
& Sue the OPUC & Pacific Power!
All for One & One for All !!

Protest Sign

Double Sided Sign $15
With a stick attached for your yard!
Lets get them all over! Contact info on right

Smart Meters
Fires & Explosions
Bills Skyrocketing
Health Harm