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Oregon DOJ has denied our request for an Investigation into OPUC Racketeering & Fraud!

You may review the documents below
Investigation Request
Excerpts from ORS 756
Pacific Power Recent Pack of lies
Naperville Ruling
New Mexico Rejects Smart Meters
California Controlling you with Smart Meters
OPUC Complaint Denied
OPUC Pacific Power Smart Meter Deployment Enacted
Update of Fraud 3/10/2019

Medford Peaceful Protests

Ones Refusing to Pay The Illegal Opt Out Fees
Are Receiving Disconnect Threats!

Friday and Saturday
3/8 & 3/9 @ Pacific Power in Medford

We got Media Exposure from KTVL Ch 10 & KOBI Ch 5

Thanks to all who Prostested!

It feels good to Stand Up!

Josephine County Smart Meter Town Hall!

Went Very Well
Thursday February 21st @ 6 pm

Thank you to the Fruitdale Grange!
Citizens oppose Opt Out Fees!

Josephine County Smart Meter Ordinance Enforcement Phase Moving Forward!

Order of Inforcement Adopted @ Weekly Business Meeting
Wednesday February 13th @ 9:00am

Customers in unicorporated areas must
File With The County Before 2/27/2019!

Click here to go to Josephine County Instructions

Click here to go to Josephine County "Claim for Relief" pdf

First Download the pdf and then do one of the following:

1. Open the downloaded pdf in your computer, fill out & send by email.

2. Print out, fill out by hand and mail.

Mailing Address & email at bottom of pdf

Astoria Smart Meter Community Meeting!

Tuesday February 12th @ 6pm

Astoria Smart Meter Activists are working hard
educating and building numbers for the fight!

Medford Smart Meter Town Hall!

Thursday February 7th @ 6pm

Turn Out was nice!

Thank you to the 50 people who attended and asked great questions!

Video from Kevstir on Youtube

Click for video

Jackson County Commissioners meeting

January 23rd 2019

Randal and Josca "uiska" spoke

Thanks to Kevstir on Youtube

Click for video

Oregon Public Utilities Commission

January 15th 2019 9:30 am

We were there!

Randal exposed their criminalality!

Colleen Roberts, Jackson County Commissioner, spoke!

Their Video does not have sound! Coincindence?

Thanks to Kevstir on Youtube we have sound!

Randal Barrett's Comments

Colleen Robert's Comments

Coos County Commissioners

Smart Meter work session!

January 15th 2019 6 pm

Many Coos County Residents spoke very well!

They did not enact an ordinance. They want to wait on the Court case and the AOC (Association of Oregon Counties) is now involved defending Josephine County against the OPUC

A win means all counties and cities can do ordinances. A loss means on one can. That is why our activism to educate our county and city officials must continue. If we don't inform them, they will believe Pacific Power and OPUC lies! We need them to do ordinances and file law suits! Only a ruling by the US Supreme Court can stop Smart Meters.

Bravo to the efforts of Coos County NoSmartMeter activists and residents who are fighting for their community!

Coos County Smart Meter Work Session Video

Jackson County

Wednesday Dec 19th

Randal Barrett appeal to Stand Up!

Click for Video - go to 12:20 min

Coos Bay City Council

Citizens Commenting on Smart Meters!

Wednesday December 18th 7:30 pm

#11 on the Agenda

Click for Video - go to 35 min

Coos Media did 2 Videos on Smart Meters!

Randal Barrett was privilaged to speak about Smart Meters with Coos Media / PEG Broadcasting on Friday December 7th 2018

Click Here to go to Video #1 "What are Smart Meters?"

Click Here to go to Video #2 "What are we doing in Oregon?"

Jackson County Commissioners meeting Dec 5th 2018

Randal Barrett & other citizens spoke

Click Here to watch Randal

Click Here to watch All comments

Coos County Activists are Working Hard!

Many spoke to Coos Bay City Council
Dec 4th 2018
Click Here for Video

Many spoke at the Coos County Commissioners meeting
Dec 5th 2018
Click Here for Video

Commissioners are responding favorably!

Eugene Oregon is Fighting!

Activists Spoke at Eugene City Counsel Meeting

Wednesday November 27th 2018

Click Here to watch Video

Jackson County Commissioner Meeting

Wednesday November 21st 2018

I Spoke for 5 min & poured my heart out

Listen Online Thanks to Kevstir

Randal was on KWRO 630 AM & 101.1 FM Coos Bay

Monday November 19th 2018 4pm - 5pm

We talked Smart Meters!

Jim Bice with Rob Taylor were very gracious
to give an hour to Smart Meters

Second Hour - skip to 51min

Listen at

Jackson County Commissioners Meeting

Tuesday November 14th 2018 9:30am

Youtube Randal Barrett Comments! New Info!!!

I spoke about the illegal $36 fee
And about the Naperville Illinois Ruling

Tell them to do an Ordanince and join in law suits with other counties Now!

Link to Complete Meeting Video

Tell the Commissioners you want action NOW!

Jackson County Commissioners Meeting

Wednesday Nov 7th 2018

Randal Barrett Comments - Inspirational

OPUC Meeting November 6th 2018

Agenda Item #1 File Suit Against Josephine County?

Agenda Item #2 Pacific Power gets to lie more!

OPUC Ruled Unanimously to file suit against Josephine!
The Battle Begins!

I spoke at the beginning for my 3 minutes
click here for video Randal Barrett & Rod Souza

They are not scheduling public hearings to consider evidence!!
They continue to Ignore The People they are supposed to serve!
The Illegal Extortion Continues!

This should enrage every Oregonian!

Lets Get All Oregon Counties to join the fight!

Forcing of Computerized Device on our 4th Amendment Protected Home!!
Using Extortion!

click here for video of OPUC meeting

Why do you think this is so important to them?
I read that there may be a huge payoff after the meters are installed.
Time to do some digging!
If you find any evidence, please send to me!

Coos County

Smart Meter Town Hall Meeting

Thursday November 1st 2018
Sponsored by Amy Levin & Christy Vollstedt

Was a Great Success! Over 70 Attended!
Citizens are organizing!

Lets Get Coos County to Join with Josephine County
to protect our 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights!

Contact Amy to fight Smart Meters in Coos County
click here

Josephine County Smart Meter Ordinance

Second Reading & Passage!

Wednesday Oct 31st 2018

We Did It ! ! !
Josephine County Commissioners passed a Smart Meter Ordinance allowing a non-computerized Analog Meter "Choice" and No Opt Out Fees!!!

Link to Video of Meeting

Link to Ordinance

Click here for KDRV Channel 12 coverage

This will be challenged in Court!
Our Only Hope Stop Unconstitutional Computer Intrusion is
The US Supreme Court!

Brownsville Town Hall

Smart Meter Meeting

Tuesday October 23rd 2018
Sponsored by Rod Souza

Had a nice active group attend
Ones are getting organized to contact their County Commissioners

Contact Rod Souza to educate Linn County
click here

Josephine County Smart Meter Ordinance!

First Reading!

Wednesday Oct 17th 2018

Anne G. Basker Auditorium
600 N.W. Sixth Street, Grants Pass

First Reading and Public Comments went very well
Watch Here

Kevstir Video interviewing Randal Barrett

KDRV Channel 12 Segment

Minutes and Ordinance on Josephine County site

My suggested ordinance modification for Analog Choice

Grants Pass Protest at Pacific Powers Free Dinner
for Business Owners to lie to them

Tuesday October 2nd 2018
Event Center at Lodge At Riverside
Not many business people even went.
We got lots of Horn Honks!
Pacific Power knows we are not stopping.

Peaceful Protest at Josephine County Fairgrounds
against Pacific Power's WorkShop of Lies
Was a Tremendous Success!

Saturday, September 22nd 2018
There were about 150 No Smart Meter Advocates there!

They Called the Police on us because we would not go into
the "Free Speech Zone". Police threatened us with Arrest!
Right to Free Speech Won!

Some were inside refuting Pacific Powers lies
and speaking to the public inside!

Conversations with the Public outside all over!

The combined Effort from all helped the Public Tremendously!


KDRV Ch 12 Coverage

KOBI Ch 5 Coverage

Kevstir YouTube Video 1

Kevstir YouTube Video 2

Josephine County Commissioners Meeting For Public to Speak!

Wednesday, September 19th 2018
The public spoke very well!
The Commissioners thanked everyone and are asking what they can do?
They need our input
We want them to file suit against the OPUC and Pacific Power.

Click here for Commissioners Meeting Video

Yreka California Peaceful Protest March was a Success!
@ Pacific Power Yreka on Saturday September 15th 2018

Click here Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA
Then click on E-edition, Third Page

Click here for Video and here for Picture 1, Picture 2
Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, and here for Picture 7

Jackson County Pacific Power WorkShop to lie more the the public!
Saturday, September 8th 2018
Jackson County Fairgrounds

Protesters were told to go to fenced area and refused!
I told them to call the Sheriff, so they did!
We were exercizing our first amendment rights!
Not breaking the law! Sheriff agreed!
Some went in and challenged Pacific Power with respect.
Eli Dumitru being denied entry Video

Eli made Stood his ground and made it in!
This Video is a very inspiring example for us All!
Parents and Children Standing Together!

Jackson County Commissioners Meeting with Pacific Power!
Thursday Sept 6th 2018

We were there! Pacific Power lied a storm!
Commissioners asked good questions!
They have been provided with followup info.

Click here for Commissioners Meeting Video

Medford Oregon Peaceful Protest March was a Success!
@ Pacific Power Medford on Saturday Sept 1st 2018!

About 60 No Smart Meter Advocates Protested!

We got horn honks all around!

Channel 10 KTVL & Channel 12 KDRV were there!

Smart Meters Transmit
10,000 to 190,000 High Power Microwave Pulses a day!
How Close is Your Family to The Meter?

OPUC Removed $137 Fee Due To Public Pressure!
We Want The $36 Fee Removed!

Revealed At OPUC Meeting Aug 14 2018: Smart Meters/Digital Meters have Capabilities Not Disclosed to OPUC or Public! VERY SCARY!!!

Opt Out Today To Save Your Analog Meter or

Your Bill Will likely Go Up More than the Fee!

Overbilling is a Real Problem with Computerized Meters!

Protest Sign

Double Sided Sign $15
With a stick attached for your yard!
Lets get them all over! Contact info on right

Smart Meters
Fires & Explosions
Bills Skyrocketing
Health Harm